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camp registration is open

Day camps and afternoon camps are available with a $75 deposit.

Week 2 Day Camp - Junior Ecologist camp

Week 2: June 14-18 FOCUS: Exploring nature andscience aroundthe garden. 9 am - 1 pm Weekly Rate $175, $75 deposit required

Week 4 Afternoon Camp

July 12-16, 1- 3:30 pm Weekly rate $100 for standalone, or $75 for add on to day camp.

Week 5 Afternoon Camp

July 26-30, 1- 3:30 pm Weekly rate $100 for standalone, or $75 for add on to day camp.

Camp: Sewing Machine Basics/Simple Projects: ages 9+

This is an introduction to the sewing machine basics: threading, winding bobbin, using the foot pedals and sewing a basic front stitch and back stitch. Students will learn to measure, cut and pin fabric to construct simple finished items. Sample projects include: pen/crayon case, pillowcases, a tote bag and PJ pants. (This will require the use of a sewing machine, sewing scissors and an iron.) - Cost $175 Students are asked to bring: * Sewing machine * Fabric for pillowcases: 1 1/2 yard main fabric (Cotton), 1/2 yard accent fabric (Cotton). (NOTE: Accent/Trim fabric to be a solid color featured in the main fabric design. We can offer some fabric for pillowcases, but students may want to choose their own fabric designs.) * Coordinating thread to match pillowcase fabric. * PJ Pants Fabric: 1 to 1 1/2 yards of cotton or fleece fabric for PJs (Older participants take a pair of existing PJ Bottoms to fabric store for proper measuring.) * Coordinating thread to match PJ fabric. * 3/4 inch elastic measured to be 1 inch longer than current waist size.

Camp: Hand Sewing - Animals and Forest Friends (Grades K-6)

Campers will learn how to cut materials and use sewing needles to make small felt animals to be used as pet toys, ornaments or key chain charms. Students will be introduced to rope weaving for bracelets, necklaces. Students will use hand needles, thimbles and measure/cut materials. (No sewing machines will be used by students.) - Cost $175 Students asked to bring from home: - Thimbles (extras to share if have them) - Any embellishment materials to use/share: buttons, trim materials, rick-rack trim, pom-poms, trim feathers, etc.

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