UPDATE: This session is now FULL. Thank you!

Join us for this unique session of Earth Art classes, where our topic focus will be on the merger of art & music! We'll discuss how music, mood, color, shapes, and chosen art medium can all come together to influence one another. We will look at some famous art works that were inspired by music, and we'll learn about synesthesia and how it helped a painter create his own artistic style and look at some of his famous pieces. We will also listen to music samples and put what we feel from it into our very own art pieces. This session combines art theory, art history, and art making, with music observation.

This session is best suited to students ages 6-12 years old. Please note that we are now working with an updated format, class time, and at a new location. Classes will be held outside at Our Giving Garden. While we have the option to be under cover in the event of rain, if severe weather threatens, we may have to cancel a class. Because of this, we have built in a "rain day" to make the cancelled class up on. Due to Covid-19, we now have a strict sick policy, our class size has been reduced, and all students will be asked to sanitize their hands upon arrival. Face masks for students are optional, but not required. Please do not attend any of the in-person events if anyone in your household has a temperature, any signs of sickness (including a cold), or if they've been exposed to anyone who has been sick. All class materials will be quarantined or sanitized prior to class, and material sharing will be limited.

Class dates: Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm *NEW time!
September 16, 23, 30, and October 7. Rain date: October 14.

Cost & Registration: $58/student. Includes session of four classes and class materials. Please register on our website to reserve a spot for your child; advance registration is required. There are an extra limited number of spots for this session as we've reduced class sizes due to Covid. Registration will close on 9/8, or when the class is full.

Sep 16
Oct 14

Wednesday Art & Music in the Garden: Fall Earth Art Session (FULL)

2:00 PM


3:00 PM

Near Garden Entrance

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