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$ 25.00 
minimum per user per month
(4-8 hours/month)

Seed benefits +

  • 10% off one event space/party rental per year
  • $10 off one camp for one child per season
  • One free garden-run class/workshop per year
  • One free Our Giving Garden t-shirt (after six months of friendship)
* All discounts apply to one person at a time, i.e. for discounts you may apply that to one person in your family
** Email us at community@ourgivinggarden.org to retrieve benefits
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What are service donations?

Service donations also qualify for membership based on hours served as a volunteer. Hours are currently tracked by signup.com through our workdays, and additional hours are based on the honor system. Just like monthly financial donations, service donations are counted each month and you will need to volunteer monthly to keep your membership active.

How do I redeem my hours?

Email us your volunteer dates and hours to redeem your membership benefits.

How do I redeem my benefits?

Members are in charge of contacting the garden to receive benefits. Email community@ourgivinggarden.org to redeem benefits when you need them.