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Sponsor our Animals

You might not realize, but keeping our herd safe, healthy and happy takes a good deal of effort and bit more than just food… It takes a community, a farm hand, supplies for grooming, veterinarian support, and sometimes even medicine. It all adds up.

Did you know that you can sponsor your favorite animal here at the garden? Maybe you have a special relationship with Lupin or Peanut makes you laugh. Perhaps your are enamoured with Samson or Hank. Your favorite chicken makes you smile from ear to ear. Maybe you love them all!

Get started sponsoring an animal or the entire herd, trip, fluffle or flock: 

Yes! We love them all too! Select this option if you’re unsure where to send your support. We will evenly distribute your contributions across the herd, trip, flock and fluffle. Rest assured, everyone will feel your humble hug.

Sponsor our donkey’s Hank or Samson at your own pace. Select the option and donkey you’re supporting at right.

Send your donkey love to the whole herd (Samson AND Hank). Get started supporting our friendly Equus asinus:

It’s not a gaggle of goats… it’s a Trip! If you can choose between Peanut, Lupin, Tonks, Midnight, Luna or Spike—you can support them all and they’ll mahahahahaaaaa for you in concert.

See ya next Trip. Select your favorite Capra from the list and send them your love (and anything from the garden!).

Our cuddly bunnies Honey Bunny and Cloud are the softest, gentlest and sweetest furries around. They’re not just sweet, but they provide wonderful fluffy fir for fiber arts and education and smiles a-plenty. Support them together or if you have a favorite cuddles, send em all the carrots.

Birds of a feather flock together. Join the flock and give your love to our super clucky friends. They bring smiles, nourishment and much more the garden daily.