Nature Kids ages 6-8 Fall Semester

September 8, 2022
2:00 pm
$ 225.00 

Fall Semester Meets Thursday from 10-1 1 day: $400 payable upfront or half at sign up + $25 supply fee due at registration 2 days: $700, supply fees are waived
Drop in rate: $35 Sibling discount: 10% off + Friends of Our Giving Garden may receive their 10% discount as outlined in the program information ($225 list price is supply/registration fee + 1/2 of class fee contact us with any questions)

Learning about and playing in nature is wonderful for little ones developing brain function, fine and gross motor skills and emotional literacy. Through fun and educational activities, students develop mindfulness, empathy, and community awareness. In this group, creative thinking and expression are encouraged and cultivated, as we provide them the opportunity to explore new concepts, media and ways of thinking. Discover the outside world and all it has to offer through cooperative and independent outdoor play.


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